We are spiritual beings yet we have forgotten that we are Divine, and have forgotten Spiritual Vibrations and what they feel like. Even though we have forgotten, everyone is capable of contacting the Spiritual Vibrations by consciously aligning our self with them. The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being has step-by-step lessons and exercises that culminate with the Spiritual Contact.  

Spiritual Vibrations of Universal Energy are the Harmony of Your Soul and Harmony is the Divine in everything. Contact with the Spiritual Vibrations can change your life by awakening within you the Realization of Divine Love and your Unity with the Great Principle! With this realization you have the mental awareness and courage of heart to consciously align with the Laws of the Universe and live a life of strength, peace, purpose and Inner happiness!
Though we may not know the Great Unknown Cause, God, we will eternally know the effect – Universal Life Energy. It is in You and of You as LifeMindLawLove and Spirit. Man is an individualized projection of the Eternal, made of the same qualities and substance of the Eternal. 

Universal Life Energy is the underlying Power of All Vibration, be it physical, mental or spiritual. It is the continuous flow of Energy from the Source of All: constituting all, sustaining all, pervading all. It is both unmanifested and manifested, cause and effect. It is eternal and infinite. It is the Great Unifier since it is in and of the greatest galaxy and the smallest particle. You are One with It! 

Universal Life Energy can be tapped into and used to benefit your life in three forms or means: the Power of Magnetic VibrationMind Force, and Spiritual Vibrations. We share two exercises, The Star Exercise and the Mental Contact, to help you contact Universal Life Energy. These exercises can help you heal and energize yourself!  

Universal Life Energy is a physical life vibration, also called Magnetic Force or Magnetic Vibration. These Magnetic Vibrations can benefit you greatly in your everyday life - health, education, wealth, business, spiritual development and more. You can easily contact and physically feel these vibrations. For additional benefits consciously open yourself to receive the Magnetic Vibrations from the infinite Source of the Universe. Even though you are made of Universal Life Energy, it is through conscious awareness that you derive additional benefit, because you are aligning your mind with the Great Principle. It is through mind that we return to awareness of the Great Principle and Divine Love; thus it is through conscious awareness of Universal Life Energy that you derive additional benefit from it. No belief in the vibrations is necessary (as explained in the Star Exercise), yet faith is helpful because, as expressed, you are mentally synchronizing with the Divine.
Universal Life Energy is the Life Energy of the universe, the creative Mind, the governing Law, the uniting Love and essence of Spirit. You are continuously One with Universal Life Energy, though you may not be conscious of it. It just is. Yet, when you consciously contact Universal Life Energy, it benefits you greatly because you are awakening your Soul Powers from within. You are attaching those Divine Powers to your consciousness to help heal and balance your health, attitude and problems, whatever they may be!
Life energy as Mental Vibrations of Universal Life Energy is called Mind Force. It is Universal Life Energy that has been influenced by conscious thinking, causing those vibrations to become self-conscious, or a Mind Force. Another way to describe mental vibrations or thoughts that have been consciously charged with Universal Life Energy, are mental vibrations that are self-conscious. Those charged thoughts of Mind Force have the power to attract what you need to manifest your heart’s desires, as long as they are in harmony with the Law of Life, of Mind, of Truth and of Love, also called the FourSquare. If one of those qualities is missing or weak, it is out of balance. It will cause an effect that is out of balance, with inharmonious and incomplete results, even if you have done the physical work.

Mental Force combined with Magnetic Force is a powerful combination for Healing Treatments for yourself, others and all beings, as taught in the Science of Being lessons and books.