Ideal Love is a natural quality of your Soul, who you Truly are – YOU are LOVE DIVINE. In our human life we do not realize this. Eons ago when we were in our Heavenly state, we were Mind and Love as One, but we mentally turned away in our impatience and pride to know and be everything at once. We fell and made ourselves ignorant of the Love that we are and created the negative conditions we experience today.

Love purifies our human mind and leads us back to a complete Realization of Love and our Unity with the Absolute. Therefore, to help us reunite with Love the message for this age is The LAW OF LOVE:

No matter under what circumstances, always meet everything and everybody with Love.
"... WE SHOULD ALWAYS TRY TO FEEL LOVING TO OUR FELLOW MEN, ... to express the kindness we may feel to people. ... we should not keep Love unmanifested, but ... at every opportunity ... show it forth, ... be it in a word, in a smile, in a look or in a handshake."     Science of Being, pages 26-27
This Law is a very practical aid in your development and happiness in life. When you attune your mind to Love; feel Love and then express Love; you start new positive causes and by and by, you will reap positive effects. The more you Love the more Love is drawn to you through The Law of Attraction. Attraction is another name for Love. The more you Love the less you respond to negative, and you free yourself from fears and troubles piece by piece.
"We can express Love in infinite ways. It is through the Love of the Great Principle that we have an opportunity to live and be pro-creators and channels of Love. We should do the best we know how to express love, goodwill and friendship for others."    PSLB
Remember that Love is inclusive, unifying and unselfish. Develop an attitude of kindness and goodwill; be considerate and respectful of others and Mother Nature. Give to the stranger the richness of your smile and help others when the opportunity arises. These acts of friendship are inspiring, and through Inspiration we are lifted into the higher vibrations of harmony. In our perseverance and loyalty to these principles we refine our character and reveal the beauty of our Soul.
“Real friendship is the highest form of Love we experience here on earth. A real friend will care enough to be truthful, kind and loyal to help you through the rough spots of life. They are not blind to your bad habits and traits, yet continue to Love even when you may not be very easy to love. They will tell the truth even if they think they may loose your friendship because they truly care about you and your growth.”   JGWLB
With the Strength and Wisdom of Love we can see the Truth and release any negative thoughts, feelings and stubborn subconscious traits. When anger, annoyance, jealousy, or any other similar trait is thrown your way (from within or from others), let it go, do not identify with it. Then expand and radiate Love from your heart. Real Love does not take things personally. Do not ignore the negative in your self or others, yet have compassion, Love regardless and do your best to help improve the situation by manifesting all of your Soul Powers: Energy, Intelligence, Truth and Love, in a Balanced way. There will be a positive effect sooner or later. You may feel you are tested again and again, yet the more you Love, the more Love you have to give!
“We should make an effort everyday to Love ourself regardless of our shortcomings, and not begrudge others for theirs. We must love ourself before we can Love others! This is our greatest lesson on earth.”   MSLB