Much of the time we are living in our human world having forgotten about Spirit. The excitement and complexity of human life clouds our vision and memory of what is Real. When we put into practice expressing All Life, Intelligence, Truth and Love in a balanced way, we refine our character and gradually eliminate imperfections, revealing our absolute Individuality or Real Self. Each in their own time will eventually achieve Enlightenment, represented by the point at the top of the FourSquare pyramid, which symbolizes Spirit. 
We humans are like the caterpillar that has a quest deep inside to become something more beautiful, like the butterfly. The caterpillar is moving along low to the ground living a short-sighted life, focused only on it's needs. And yet it has the capability, with The Great Law's help, to transform itself. We also have the capability and potential to transform ourselves from human to Man, a fully realized Spiritual Being. Man expresses and acts with all of his Soul Powers in harmony with the Great Law. 'Man' is not used here to denote gender. Man is the butterfly to humankind's caterpillar and encompasses both male and female.
"Humanity has for countless ages lost sight of its place in the Universal Scheme. It has believed in its own separation from the Universal Power. Yet Unity is the Law of the Absolute. The Universal is all there is, and you are ONE WITH IT."

The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 406
Unity is the Law of the Absolute
Through persistence and perseverance in manifesting the FourSquare in all that you do, you will become an independent thinker and self reliant. You will also realize more deeply that there is nothing you do without the help of the Great Principle, and everything is possible with that help. Universal Life Energy is a Light to help you in your endeavors. It is the Eternal Itself, the first physical manifestation. When you consciously contact the Life Force and project it in all that you do, you become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. The more you realize that you are made of it, the closer you come to knowing that you are One with All Beings, the Great Principle.
"You spend so much of your day in a rat race trying to accomplish everything on your 'to do' list, which is really an unconscious waste of time. Life is an opportunity to be mindful and conscious in the NOW. You can make the choice to change and improve your Life and the lives of those around you by putting your Spiritual Life first, by looking at life from the point of Spirit. Truly important things such as Family, Friends, Meditation and Love should come first, then you can add other things in and around them. You can learn to concentrate and project the FourSquare into what you are doing, such as cooking for the family, mowing the lawn or writing a letter - this is Living a Spiritual Life in the Now. You balance and harmonize your actions on the physical, mental and emotional levels simultaneously. It's the ultimate in multi-tasking!"     JGWLB
"Have you ever experienced a keen awareness you are normally not conscious of in your every day living? A moment when you view your situation with super senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch? You are so quiet inside that you see your emotions are sensitive, yet detached, looking at the situation including analyzing yourself from another level with discernment. That is living Now."     PSLB

Illustration from the title page in the textbook of Science of Being.