"... WE SHOULD ALWAYS JUDGE RIGHTLY, ALWAYS KEEP TO THE MAIN ISSUES, ALWAYS TAKE THE ESSENTIAL AND GIVE TO THE NON-ESSENTIAL ITS PROPER PLACE. Above all, it means that WE SHOULD NOT LOSE OURSELVES IN DETAILS, that we should retain a proper mental perspective ...".     Science of Being, page 21
We are to Express All Intelligence, or Mind, in everything that we do. This means we are to be conscious, aware, and use good judgment (or discrimination) to express our best in all situations. Reason, common sense, insight, and even instinct are all available to help us discriminate on a conscious level. We take an interest in not only our own life, but all life around us, and consider it in our judgment.

Your mind and free will are among your greatest assets, however, they are also the source of your greatest problems. Your Superconsciousness is the Higher Self that is eternally one with Cosmic Mind and speaks to you as Inspiration. Your consciousness is the rational mind that is self-conscious, aware, reasons and projects will power. The subconsciousness, the lower or sub-level of mind, contains all memories, fears, and other traits. It ‘forgets’, which is an analogy that we have forgotten our Superconsciousness and Soul qualities.
The greatest good within you that helps you manifest All Intelligence is your Soul. When you listen to your inner voice of Wisdom, it comes from your Superconsciousness, your Mind that is One with All Love. Inspiration is a ray of Light and Understanding from the Superconsciousness which we should listen to and put into action, because it will always tell us the wisest thing to do. It will be a calm, harmonious vibration that has all the qualities of the Soul within it: Life, Intelligence, Law and Love. Everything will be taken into consideration, including the physical, mental and emotional situation. There will be no ‘rushing’ or negative connotations. The more we listen to, put into action and are Grateful for our Inspiration, the more Inspiration we will receive. We should practice to make perfect!
“The biggest mistake we make in everyday life is not listening to our Higher Self. Instead we go ahead and do what we WANT, because we WANT what we want. Then we wonder why bad things happen to us and blame others for our troubles. We have the Gift from The Great Law to change in the NOW. We have the Intelligence to understand. So what is behind that Intelligence? The Real You!!! YOUR SOUL!!! That part of you that hears the voice of your Higher Self speaking to you - Be Grateful that you hear!"     MSLB
When we listen to the Inner Voice of our Higher Self it helps us change our mind, which is the purpose of the Wisdom. We, as humans, have so much negative, stubborn subconsciousness that we have gotten into the idea that this human life is who we really are - we have forgotten our Soul qualities. We have an opportunity in this life to Enlighten our mind through Wisdom. Ignorance is one of our worst short comings, therefore, we should do our best to learn and ‘know’, rather than believe or assume. Science of Being is the science of your being that teaches you how to live a happy life in a realistic world with the Universal Forces and Laws. You have an opportunity NOW to be conscious and wise, and work on changing your mind from living in the darkness of ignorance and fear of the subconsciousness to manifesting your finest qualities through Inspiration, compassion and Wisdom. 
"A goal is different from a dream or wish. When you have a goal, you use your mind to figure out what concrete steps to take to achieve success. You bring it into expression on the physical plane with your conscious, constructive actions in the Now."     JGWLB
“We should know our own purpose and motivation for what we say and do. This is the aim of great Spiritual teachings: Know Yourself. If we are motivated by fear then we can change our mind and focus on Love to be in Harmony with the Great Law.”     PSLB