A collection of pages covering various aspects and topics in Science of Being
In our current stage of evolution we comprehend the Eternal and our Soul qualities in four aspects. Each aspect has its own distinct vibration:  Life (the energy and power of creation), Intelligence (the perfect Mind that constitutes everything), Truth (the governing and abiding law of the known and unknown universe), and Love (the sustaining, harmonious power of attraction). Learn more about them and how to project them from your Soul into your everyday life by clicking on the FourSquare pyramid illustration.  
Universal Life Energy is the underlying Power of All Vibration, be it physical, mental or spiritual. It is the continuous flow of Energy from the Source of All, constituting all, sustaining all, pervading all. It is both unmanifested and manifested; cause and effect. It is eternal and infinite. It is the Great Unifier, as it is in and of the greatest galaxy to the smallest particle. And, You are One with it! Click on the image to learn more.
Science of Being is a practical Spiritual guide to life. It is both idealistic and realistic because it unveils the mystery of life and teaches you how to integrate body, mind and Soul with the Powers of the Universe. The Laws of the Universe are revealed, making the road you travel in life easier to navigate as you learn how to live in harmony with them. These principles are easily applied to your personal and Spiritual life, your relationships, family, and career. Click on the image to learn more.