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Put a little kindness in your life this year!
Download The Kindness Journal.
Life ~ Mind ~ Truth ~ Love

Download these four worksheets with exercises that focus on each corner of the FourSquare.

Conscious Empowerment Workout Guide

Consider working with this guide to help you become more self-conscious; aware of your soul qualities and thus aligning you with the Law of Unity - I am One - empowering you to harmoniously build your own happiness and helping those around you.
Appreciating the Moment

Questions to help you focus your mind and live in the NOW!
Reaching Love and Provision

True Love is close at hand.
A collection of papers, articles and worksheets from our newsletter and blog.
Cultivate an attitude of gratitude!
Download The Gratitude Journal.
Make it happen this year!
Download The Manifestation Journal.

Enslaved and From Fear to Freedom Guide

Most of us identify with fear on a daily basis though we may deny or ignore it, leaving it to fate. It can grow in you, silently at first, without your knowledge, and then take you by surprise and attack like a wild beast that has been cornered, plunging you into darkness, putting you in its power. Consider working with this guide to help you move from fear to freedom!
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What is really happening?

Here are some questions we may ask ourselves, ask a friend or a friend may ask us, to bring us to the moment and be conscious of what is really happening!