"A word should be a creation, should be Law ... Therefore to live Truth is always to mean what we say."     Science of Being, page 23
The Absolute is True to the governing Laws of the Universe that it created. You are in Harmony with those laws when you live in the FourSquare; expressing enthusiastically, wisely, honestly and lovingly in all that you think and do. You manifest the corner of TRUTH or LAW when you are Sincere, Honest and Accurate in your speech and actions. You - "Say what you mean and mean what you say," and do not make promises you cannot keep. You are genuine and without pretense.

To stand in Truth means you discriminate and do what is right while not submitting to wrong. When you  do this you open yourself to the power of the Great Law which will aid you. Truth and Law are one in the same as the Great Law – the very base of the universe! Truth is the doorway to Love and happiness, as “the Truth will set you free.” Free from what you may ask – free from the restrictions we put on our self, free from ignorance and free from fear.
Be fearless and Trust that the qualities of the FourSquare are the way we perceive the Absolute in our current human condition, and use it as a map in your efforts to do what is right. Loyalty to this Principle opens you to the power of the Great Law. Listen to your Higher Self and the Intuition it sends you as it is that part of you directly connected to and One with the Great Law. We separate ourselves in our thinking. Remember to look up and ask for the help of the Great Law.

There is no obstacle that you cannot overcome with the help of the Great Law. Align yourself with the positive possibility, do all you can do and then leave it in the hands of The Great Law. Have Faith in the Universal Laws that are always working for you, even when you make a mistake. The pain of the mistake teaches you to discriminate with the Law of Life, of Mind, of Truth and of Love, gradually liberating yourself from negative subconsciousness. You build to your happiness from the base of the FourSquare.
“The Truth only hurts if there is something wrong within us and opposing the Great Law.”     PSLB
You have the power to be a positive Force and Cause in the world since everyone is rewarded with a FourSquare action. What you say and do affects you, those closest to you and everyone and everything around you in an ever increasing circle. So do your best to be aware of your projections and remember that no matter to whom or where they are directed, a like effect will return to you sooner or later.
“When we go against Truth or Law, an aspect of God, we hurt our self. The Law does not hurt us, but we hurt our self. A good analogy is the way we must understand and work within the scientific laws of electricity in order to benefit and keep from hurting our self. Electricity is non-personal and uncompromising. It is the same way with the Spiritual Laws: we must work within the Spiritual Laws and Truth which are non-personal and uncompromising. When we do, all positive things are possible because we are in Harmony with the Great Principle or God.”       JGWLB
The Wisdom of Science of Being gives you the knowledge of how to consciously live within the Universal Laws, such as the Law of Gender and the Law of Vibration, leading to your happiness. You will start positive causes and bring justice to your life and to those around you because you are cooperating with the Absolute, thus living up to who you are – a Spiritual Being that is Free.