Life is the first corner of the FourSquare. Why? Because you must first be alive before you can be or do anything else. Life is Energy, Action, Creation, Expression, Manifestation, and Projection. Your Soul, with the help of the Eternal, created your physical body with senses and powers to Live the Best life possible in the conditions of today to fulfill your destiny. Now is your opportunity to manifest your very own Soul quality of Life by being energetic, having a mental attitude of doing your best effort constructively, and then acting with enthusiasm! Enthusiasm has within it Energy, plus Inspiration, which will give you some insight as to what is the right action to take in the right moment. Remember that you are the embodiment of the Absolute's creation of Life made Manifest and the Absolute is working with you and for you in your efforts.
"What does it mean TO LIVE LIFE? Of course we are all living. To live Life means much more than that. IT MEANS TO DO ALWAYS ONE'S DUTY AT THE RIGHT TIME."     Science of Being, page 19
"Our bodies vibrate to the Life of the Universe. We are capable of contacting that Life Force consciously through physical means, by simply cupping our hands up to receive the Power through the nerves. Each time we contact the Universal Force we add a bit more to our overall Harmony; physically, mentally and emotionally."     PSLB
One of the reasons successful people achieve their goals is because they have Power. You have the ability to contact an Eternal power of the universe to help you achieve your goals, and help bring balance in your body, mind and emotions. You can consciously contact this Universal Force, the first manifestation of the Eternal, called Universal Life Energy (or chi, prana, Life Force and other names used throughout history). All the powers of Energy, Intelligence, Law and Love vibrate in unison in Universal Life Energy, which establishes Balance wherever it flows.
“Much of the time we forget that we are free to choose the road we take in life and that the Great Law is always with us. When we use our free will to live in low, human vibrations, we feel lonely, sad, frustrated, hurt, nervous and hopeless. Plus, we usually choose to stay in a rut of indecision about problems we face until we get sick of it! How much time we waste! However, when we remember to look up to our Higher Self and become aware of a different road to take in life, then it changes our feelings from despair to Enlightenment of Life in the NOW. We see opportunities we were blind to and good causes we can put into action. And all of this can happen in a moment! It is our free will to choose to put good causes into action or stay stuck in a Life of sadness and regret. If we choose to stay in the same old rut - what a waste; if there is such a thing as sin this would be it!”    MSLB
See the Exercises Page for very simple and practical methods for contacting the Life Force: Silence and Relaxation, the Star Exercise and the Mental Contact.These exercises are very useful in your daily life and will help you achieve success – in your idealistic search for Enlightenment, in your personal family life and relationships, and in your realistic work and career - what ever it may be. Universal Life Energy will give you strength and help you achieve balance where it is required - physically, mentally and emotionally.