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10 November 2014    Have you visited our sister site, the Science of Being Enlightenment Site? It's a wonderful educational
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4 September 2014     The Science of Being Enlightenment site is going strong! We started a new series, What Not to Do.
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18 July 2014     Check out the new posts on our Science of Being Enlightenment Site! We just posted part 2 of a 4 part series
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4 July 2014     We have been busy friends! Published the next issue of our newsletter (downloads available here); launched
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18 April 2014    We published the next issue of our newsletter. Downloads available here.

14 February 2014    Warm loving thoughts to you friends! We published the next issue of our newsletter. Downloads
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1 January 2014    Launched our annual New Years message. Created Appreciating the Moment. Happy New Year friends!

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