Science of Being
Note: There were several different styles of Fabrikoid covers used for the Science of Being books.

Is there a GOD?

The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being
Note: The book is shown without the paper cover. It is out of print. This book is essentially the same as Science of Being 27 Lessons, with the addition of: The Star for the New Age, Our Father, A short teaching from Svetozar and a few minor text changes.

Science of Being 27 Lessons
The original public texts of Science of Being consisted of 3 books and a series of booklets. The links below feature a scan of each original book/booklet cover. Visit our Links page for sources to purchase the books/booklets.
The Science of Being Lightbearers World Center has republished the first text, Science of Being, plus several new books. Visit their website for more information and to purchase their books.
Science of Being (3rd edition)

"The Teacher", Volume I

Advanced Teachings, Volumes I and II

Aphorisms of The Lightbearer

Pearls of Wisdom, Volume I