Science of Being is a practical Spiritual guide to life. It is both idealistic and realistic because it unveils the mystery of life and teaches you how to integrate body, mind and Soul with the Powers of the Universe. The Laws of the Universe are revealed, making the road you travel in life easier to navigate as you learn how to live in harmony with them. These principles are easily applied to your personal and Spiritual life, your relationships, family, and career. 

Our most sacred duty is to Live Now as the powerful Spiritual Beings we are, on earth.

You have within you the very qualities of Our Father: All Energy, Intelligence, Truth and Love. The Lightbearers call these qualities the FourSquare. When you manifest these qualities in your life, you are well on your way to living the life you are meant to live, eventually leading to your ultimate Realization and Liberation.

Science of Being teaches methods for contacting Universal Life Energy, the first Divine Power of Our Father. Each and every one of us is made of this Universal Force, but most of us do not know how to consciously contact and use it. Science of Being teaches you how to utilize Universal Life Energy in your everyday life, bringing balance and harmony to body, mind and emotions.

The Lightbearer Center maintains this website for the benefit of all humanity. We cooperate with The Science of Being Lightbearers World Center in the Spiritual purpose of sharing the message of Science of Being with the world. We hope you are inspired while exploring this site and will consider investigating further.