Eugene Fersen founded The Lightbearers organization in our U.S. capital, Washington, D.C. in 1921. He is The Lightbearer and channel of Science of Being, which is the science of your being. The Wisdom reveals the means and methods to manifest success in the physical world, achieve mental Balance, contact the source of All Power, and make the Spiritual Contact with Our Father. It teaches us how to develop our physical, mental and Soul powers, so we will evolve in our understanding and realization of the Harmony within us Now.

This center, The Lightbearer Center, was founded in 1976 with the full approval and support of the Chief Lightbearer at that time at the world center in Seattle, Washington. We worked with the elder Lightbearers for several years, and continued the study and teaching of Science of Being while the other centers slowly went dormant or closed permanently. We were charged to be Independent and Free on the human level, as we are the ones who came after. We continue that work to this day, bearing the Light to all humanity with this website and our Enlightenment site, as well as many other efforts, seen and unseen. We knew that a time was coming when there would be many Lightbearers to help carry the Light and share the Wisdom of Science of Being, helping all humanity build to Freedom, Success and Happiness in life. We are now in a cycle of awakening with new Lightbearer Centers forming in the U.S. and the world. We are grateful for The Great Law's help, and for The Science of Being Lightbearers World Center and their ongoing work in this endeavor.

The Light of Wisdom is being sought out and understood. All Lightbearers, and The Lightbearer Center, offer the Light to those who take the opportunity to look within. We hope you recognize the Lightbearer who is inspiring you is also the Lightbearer within you.
Lightbearers who study Science of Being quest to understand The Great Unknown and to bear the Light of Wisdom. They recognize the aspects of The Great Principle, God, the Absolute, in our present state of consciousness as the FourSquare: Life, Mind, Truth and Love. Lightbearers are independent thinkers; discriminating; with a scientific mind to learn and know, rather than assume and believe. They study and share the Laws of Nature, helping humanity create a successful, healthy and happy life - building to the ultimate Realization and Enlightenment.

The Absolute's Great Lightbearer is Pure Nature. There are endless ways that nature awakens us and stimulates us through the senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. The beauty of a rose can inspire poems of Love and the smile of a child can warm the heart. We Beings – Man, are the manifestation of the Great Principle, God, and are a part of those powers that create everything, constitute everything, govern everything, sustain everything, pervade and contain everything. In nature we can experience the Joy of Liberation from the negative, which is so healing to the mind.
A Lightbearer is a bringer of Light! A messenger who Inspires us to liberate ourselves from human suffering and begin the journey into a New Age of Understanding. The Light is the flame of Wisdom balanced in Love, which leads us back to our natural condition of Harmony with the Eternal. The Light is that which enables us to see on many levels, to understand our Unity with All.

The word “Lightbearer” describes not only a being, but also an activity. It is embodied with the action of bearing the Light with Love. A Lightbearer is a ‘dare’ and ‘doer’; creating opportunities to help reveal our latent Soul powers. The Soul is already Enlightened, however, the mind has removed itself from that Light and has generally become so human that we believe this life on earth is our natural state. The Lightbearer helps us remember who we are - Eternal Beings of Harmony.

The deep essence of a Lightbearer is Love. There have been many great Lightbearers throughout history, including Krishna, Buddha and Jesus, that endeavored to help humanity.