With 8 energies we can release past fixations and go in the flow of new awareness of Truth and in-coming Life Energy. We have the potential to awaken to our individual inspirations and purposes in life.

And we're entering opportunities to manifest new higher purposes for the human community ...... for the greater good of all rather than just "me," the ego and old beliefs.

But there still may be those that cling to old "me" tribe thinking presenting obstacles for understanding, cooperation and Unity. Thus, be cautious of authorities with callous materialistic demands.

This may not be an easy year, with the potential for challenges and conflicts because 8 is also a rhythmic energy with twists and turns. And there's tendencies for financial shakeups.

If we are tempted to view life during these upturned energies as being stressful then consider it an opportunity to transcend fear. Practice Relaxation and Silence which will help us recenter in our Hearts and Love.

The energies in this Gregorian calendar year 2024 will be very robust! This year's energies are going to charge us up as we begin to transition into a new cycle for earth and humanity, distancing ourselves from the old ways.

It can feel uncomfortable, but there is potential for some of us to evolve into new earth awareness and expansive Hearts, valuing community and Unity. It’s up to You to resonate harmoniously with the energies!
The energies of 8 can be very advantageous for transformation by sincerely taking responsibility for ourselves. The 2 loops of 8 circle yet return to meet ..... representing Spirit and Matter are One. And you are That!

Eight reminds us to balance both our spiritual and material life .... attune to our Inner Spirit and manifest philanthropic actions in our life. That is to learn Self Love even though we experience personal challenges, and express compassion for others and all.

There is potential to Know that you are already enlightened! All of us can benefit and gain freedom from dark thoughts and troubling emotions by being sincere and living FourSquare; being enthusiastic, understanding, truthful and Loving. Each of us add to the unity of Love as we release guilt, resentment, self-righteousness, and fear.