Relaxation and Silence are essential on the road of self mastery and better understanding of the triune self - body, mind and Soul.  They prepare you for the deeper and more encompassing exercises found in the Science of Being 27 Lessons, which include meditation, rejuvenation, and the Spiritual Contact. 

If we would only relax and quiet the mind, then we would open the doors to the influx of Universal Life Energy, the first manifestation of the Absolute! The more we contact this Force the stronger and healthier we become. It establishes equilibrium on all levels, including the mental. We relax the mind and enter the Silence in order to release the tension there. During this process you will get a glimpse into your own mind and it's nature, recognizing the urges and desires of the subconscious, the will and reason of the conscious, and the quiet, calm Inspiration of the Superconscious. Some have described the Silence as experiencing "nothing" or "zero" and you normally don't recognize it until after coming out of it.

"The two exercises to be acquired by you first are Relaxation and Silence, without which no other exercise can be properly performed. Only when the body and mind are completely relaxed can you get what is called a real rest, for only then are you in the most ideally receptive condition. All the gates of your body and mind are then opened to the inflow of the supreme Universal Power called Life Energy."

Science of Being 27 Lessons, page 15
When you first begin these exercises it is helpful to practice them daily at the same time, finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for 5 -15 minutes. The objective is to unite the body and mind in one goal -  relaxation. Begin by gently relaxing the body while sitting in an upright chair or even on a stool, and go quietly within. We discipline in this position in the beginning in order to remain mentally alert, not allowing our self to become sleepy or unconscious. The back is straight yet relaxed, head upright, and eyes preferably closed to lessen distractions, especially if you are sensitive to disturbances from outside. You may find it helpful to lower the chin slightly, relax the jaw and rest the tongue against the teeth. The knees should be comfortably apart without crossing the ankles, and feet flat on the floor or ground. The hands are resting on the thighs with either both hands cupped palms up, or the left hand palm up and the right hand resting palm down to receive Universal Life Energy. 

Take in several deep rhythmic breaths: inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth or nose. Breathe in and out slowly, keeping each inhale and exhale equal. Relax the body a little more with each exhale. You may feel Universal Life Energy begin to flow, mainly through the left hand, attracted by the Life Center and sent throughout the entire body by the solar plexus. This Life Force stimulates and harmonizes the body and mind. After a minute or so, begin breathing normally while consciously releasing muscle tension in the body. Start with the feet, then legs, up to the hips, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, then neck, face, forehead, eyes, mouth and jaw. Take a few moments in each area to release the tension and stress.

After achieving physical relaxation begin to release any thoughts or emotions. Do your best to quiet the "talking in the head", and do not allow your self to be distracted by outside noises, lose your focus or become sleepy. You will begin to experience an air of calm and a sense of Harmony. Some people may even hear what sounds like the spheres ringing, or 'see' colors and lights - let this go. When you recognize a thought rising just release it - let it go. Continue to do this and there will be less and less thoughts, until there are no thoughts rising. Now, enter the Silence, have no thought.

You will recognize that you were in the Silence after you come out of it! Take some deep breaths, gently and slowly, holding the sense of timeless peace and calm as long as possible. Go easy on yourself as your nerves are more sensitive at this time.

NOTE: This exercise may take some practice at first. The subconscious will try to dominate with thoughts, interruptions, bodily disturbances, etc. Do not have patience with these intrusions - release them as soon as you become aware of them. Remember that this is the present condition of the human mind of all of us, and continue in your efforts. With perseverance you can master this exercise and then you can practice it at any time and in any conditions.
The left hand is facing up and the right hand is facing down - the same positions used in the Star Exercise.
Here is an alternate position,
with both hands facing upwards.