This is a pivotal year and it could mean a turning point for us all. Five means as an individual you will have to consider 2 different paths since humanity mentally perceives duality .... the human or the spiritual road.

We can focus on the outer, social and political world, connecting ourselves to the mass subconscious desires and fears .... or .... focus on our inner life, developing our conscious awareness and connection to our Inner, True Self. And our choice will determine the direction of the following years in the 9-year cycle.

The outer world, the masses, is looking for freedom and social justice this year …. and though it may seemed forced upon us, we seek freedom unconsciously.

The true freedom we are all looking for is inner freedom …. freedom from discontent, restlessness, and anger within our individual subconscious and in the collective, mass subconscious.

According to sacred numerology, the energies of a number 5 year will mean lots of energy, activities and change for us all. There are strong indications of prosperity for the masses economically, but it may take a while.

Five is the number of humanity .... related to our five fingers and senses. It is symbolized by the pentagram, which is also the shape the human form takes when stretched out, as in the Star Exercise.
Having attitudes of deliberate flexibility and adaptability will help each of us successfully flow through humanity’s cycles of frustration, rebellion and struggle, then sudden rapid and even unexpected changes.

This new state of being will require courage and discipline …. and it will not be comfortable. Excitement and emotions will be operating during the play of growing pains.

For those of us that have spiritual aspirations …. be conscious and aware of your power of free will to choose! Consciousness is pivotal!

Be willing and allow optimism with loving and hopeful intentions for yourself and others. It will be rewarding!
Numerology has been around since ancient times and considered a sacred science that can provide insights to vibrations, energies, and cycles that influence our life.

Number 5 represents mortal man; the human mind and the ability to learn through the senses, experiences and free will.

In our present state of human consciousness we go through 9 phases or cycles of energies, and we resonate as a collective to each level. This year we resonate to the pivotal year of 5. We will have to be disciplined and make many decisions about which direction we want to go in for the coming years in this 9-year cycle.

The energies of 2021 and your spiritual journey