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Have you ever asked "Is there a God?", "Why am I here?", or perhaps "What is my purpose in life?" Do you feel as if there is 'something more' to life? Do current world events make you feel helpless? Science of Being can help you answer those questions and quell those fears. It is a practical Spiritual guide to life that is both idealistic and realistic.

Balance in your life, both internally and externally, brings Power and Freedom, Peace and Happiness. Science of Being lays a clear and simple road map for achieving this. By learning to work with the Universal Laws and Forces of Nature, you can transform your life. This is something you can do NOW, not after years of study. You have within you unlimited abilities and qualities. Science of Being is the Key to unlocking them!

Study with us! Starting in March, we are working in the Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, reading one chapter each week. You can find the companion guide and insights for each chapter on our Enlightenment Site's sister site, Science of Being, The Further Reaches of the Spiritual Road. Begin your journey with chapter one!
The FourSquare
The Law of Unity
Universal Life Energy
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The Star Exercise
The Mental Contact
Relaxation & Silence
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Our Father
The Morning Star
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Is there a GOD?
Science of Being
The Fundamental Principles
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