It is the Hour before the Dawn:--darkness, confusion, and Humanity anxiously waiting for Light.

At last, after so many ages of striving, of regretting, of praying before empty shrines, at last the Messenger comes--the Morning Star, Herald of the Day of Liberation.

His Head covered with the Helmet of Inspiration. His Eyes face Infinity and Eternity: Eternity and Infinity gaze through His Eyes.

In His Hands the Star of Wisdom, the Morning Star, the Flame that will burn up all human sorrow.

Clothed in White Linen, the Symbol of the Purity of His Purpose, and the Simplicity of His Presence.

And His Shoulders broad enough to carry the world's burden; His Arm strong enough to fight ignorance and fear.

The Messenger strides onwards, overcoming the night, trampling down prejudice and confusion, stupidity and apathy; and leaving in their stead a wake of Loveliness, Symmetry, Reason, Power.

His Knowledge dominates the four elements of Nature: Air, Fire, Earth, Water are conquered and made obedient to His Word.

The Double Star, the Star of sorrow become the Star of Joy, is the device engraven on the lintel above His Head.

He is the Messenger, the Master of the Hour,--the One in whom are embodied all who strive for the advancement and liberation of their brothers.

He it is who carries the Light.
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