The Morning Star represents, in allegorical form, the transition NOW in process of the evolution of Humanity. The Lightbearer manifests Light to the World. On the panel beneath The Morning Star is the great message to the world:
Men of the Earth, Brothers in Eternity,
Shake your souls! AWAKE!
The hour so long waited for, the promised hour, has come.
Over the dark firmament of suffering Humanity is rising the Morning Star,
heralding the day when you will understand that man’s most sacred duty is to be Man -
that is, to manifest LIFE, INTELLIGENCE, TRUTH and LOVE.
There is no higher aim, no vaster problem,
and you who realize this
will break the fetters with which Ignorance & Fear have bound unconscious Humanity,
will stand up free,
and know yourselves to be the Eternal Manifestation of the Unmanifest,
Witnesses of the Absolute,
Sons of that GREAT ALL,
whom you call GOD.
The painting was requested by Eugene Fersen and is considered the masterpiece of Princess Marie Eristoff. The frame surrounding the painting was created by Malcolm Thurburn. The painting and accompanying poem were made into posters in the 1920's so people could place them into their homes for Inspiration and Harmony. We make available a printable form for your use today. It can be framed and put in the home or a place for study and meditation to help Inspire Harmony. The painting is considered "A PICTURE WITH A SOUL" and the more we gaze upon it the more we are Enlightened and uplifted with Hope. The analogy of the painting's frame is humanity's involution and The Father's promise of our evolution to awaken to Man's Eternal Self. The great message to the world, including The FourSquare, is written at the feet of The Lightbearer.