Description of Emblem of
The Star for the New Age
(Sixth Cycle)
AS THE MORNING STAR presages the Sun, so this Star announces the New Day now about to dawn. The Star is six-pointed, symbolic of the Sixth Cycle.

At first sight this six-pointed figure appears as if made up of 2 interlaced triangles (the ancient Jewish symbol), however, whereas the 2 triangles of the Jews continue separate and are actually distinct from each, and never merge into each other, this new star is made up of one continuous band which interlaces within forming the appearance not only of 2 main triangles, but of many other triangles, each complete in itself, the total number of triangles being 20, symbolic of the 20th century.

The continuous single band symbolizes unity, the many triangles symbolize diversity.

If one traces this continuous band from any point, it will be found that there are six lines extending the full diameter of the figure, alternating with six shorter lines each the side of the two main triangles. The six diametric lines symbolize the complete expression of life and experience in the Sixth Cycle: the six shorter lines symbolize the as yet incomplete expression of the Sixth Cycle, which will find its completeness in the final unfoldment of the New Age.

The center of the figure is the sun of the New Age which is both within the symbol and outside it, the rays of the sun extending eternally outwards into Cosmic Space.

Known to the World as Eugene Fersen
Originator, Author, Teacher of Science of Being
and Founder of THE LIGHTBEARERS.