Science of Being
Eugene Fersen

SCIENCE OF BEING offers an up-to-date scientific explanation of the "WHY" and "HOW" of human existence, an explanation that will satisfy that inner craving within each individual to know: Why he is born to this world? From where does he come and where does he go? What is his ultimate aim and purpose? Does life begin only with his human birth and end with his bodily death or is there a continuity of existence hereafter? Is life but a mere happening or is it directed by some definite Immutable Laws? Is there a Supreme Power governing this Universe or is everything but a combination of Material Elements ruled by Hazard and Chance?

SCIENCE OF BEING teaches how to unfold the Forces and Powers latent within the individual and use them daily in every department of human activities.

SCIENCE OF BEING builds CHARACTER and assures to everyone the realization of their Ambitions and Aims in Life.

SCIENCE OF BEING is a complete education in the Fine Art of Living, an art not taught in schools and colleges, yet without which nobody can get along through Life successfully.

The Fundamental Principles of SCIENCE OF BEING are, that there exists a Supreme Ruling Intelligent Power called Universal Life Energy, latent in every individual, pervading the whole Universe and governing everything by Its own Law. There is that supreme, guiding, sustaining, protecting Law. There is an Infinite Supply of that Universal Power, meeting all human needs. Yet, most human beings have no knowledge of those wonderful Gifts, which are so lavishly bestowed upon them. They do not know how to contact that Great Supply, how to draw on those Universal Forces, how to use that Great Law constructively in their lives. As a result of that ignorance they are, so to say, starving in a land of plenty or aimlessly drifting along on the Great Ocean of Life, yet with a wonderful compass at hand to direct them safely to a secure haven.

SCIENCE OF BEING explains how to contact and use Universal Life Energy, to overcome all limitations and obstacles which bar the way to Health, Success, Prosperity and Happiness.

The Basic Aim of SCIENCE OF BEING is to insure to the individual his unalienable birthrights of Liberty, Self-reliance, Self-determination and Pursuit of Individual Happiness, thus MAKING LIFE WORTH LIVING.

To order a copy of SCIENCE OF BEING, the textbook, by Eugene Fersen, Is There A God? by Eugene Fersen and/or The Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, in 27 lessons, also by Eugene Fersen go to the following site:

Outline of Lessons

A Triune System of Twenty-Seven Lessons for
the Correlative Development of the Individual.

1.  PHYSICALLY - to rid yourself of all physical ailments. To increase and replenish your store of energy at will. To build up a strong, well-balanced, healthy, youthful, attractive body.

2.  MENTALLY - to develop all mental faculties, such as Will Power, Initiative, Memory, Reason, Foresight, Intuition. To blend these improved faculties for clear, creative, successful thinking. To put such thoughts into actual achievement on the material plane.

3.  SPIRITUALLY - to imbue every thought and act with an irresistable emotional fire. To weld body, mind and soul into a complete and unified whole. To promote the correlative growth and expansion of these three parts of your nature, and shape them into the strength of character, poise, vitality, and courage you need to make your life pay richly in terms of Health, Success, and Happiness.

Physical Plane (Body)

Lesson One   Fundamental Principles of all Being. Universal Life Energy.

Lesson Two   Mental and Physical contacts with Universal Life Energy.

Lesson Three   The use of Universal Life Energy in Ancient and Modern Times.

Lesson Four   Human Radio. How to transform a weak, ill-attuned Physical Body into a strong and harmonious one.

Lesson Five   How to use Universal Life Energy practically in Daily Life.

Lesson Six   How Universal Life Energy can be used in Business.

Lesson Seven   How to use Universal Life Energy at School and in College, in study and in games, by students and

Lesson Eight   Poverty a disease. How to cure it through Universal Life Energy.

Lesson Nine   How to heal oneself and others of physical ailments and disease through the use of Universal Life Energy.

Mental Plane (Mind)

Lesson Ten   The Science of Mind. Practical value of systematic thinking.

Lesson Eleven   Subconsciousness; its infinite possibilities. The Solar Plexus - its Storehouse.

Lesson Twelve   Self-Consciousness; its clearing house, the Brain.

Lesson Thirteen   Character Reading. Memory, and how to develop it. Self-Reliance; how to obtain it.
  Mental Equilibrium.

Lesson Fourteen   Psychology of Success.

Lesson Fifteen   How to realize one's Desires and make them grow into one's life by the proper use of Mental Laws.

Lesson Sixteen   Money Consciousness and how to develop it.

Lesson Seventeen   The Thought Boomerang.

Lesson Eighteen   Intuition - its practical use; its development.


Lesson Nineteen   Is there a Soul and what is Soul?

Lesson Twenty   How to develop the Soul's Latent Qualities.

Lesson Twenty-one   Individuality - the Real Self.

Lesson Twenty-two   Personality - How to express Individuality through Personality.

Lesson Twenty-three   Absent Treatments.

Lesson Twenty-four   How to transmute Bad Characteristics into good Qualities.

Lesson Twenty-five   Love the Supreme Universal Power.

Lesson Twenty-six   How to correlate the development of Body, Mind and Soul.

Lesson Twenty-seven   MAN, THE MASTER.
The dark night of ignorance is fading
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