Let us express Gratitude and remember we are Beings of Light - Brothers and Sisters in Harmony - and manifest Life, Light, Liberty and Love on Earth.
Beings in Nature instinctively radiate the gratitude within them. Plants and animals do their utmost to live, grow, and fulfill their destiny. Why should we do any less? Gratitude to the Eternal is within us. We should manifest it by being thankful for this opportunity in Life; by being Enthusiastic, Wise, Truthful, and Caring in the spirit of cooperation. Our ingratitude to the Unknown Eternal is our gravest mistake and we suffer because of it. We must remember to be loyal to the Love that we turned away from and be Thankful for all that we receive physically, mentally and emotionally.

When we are thankful for someone's help we are also being thankful for the help of the Eternal. That sense of gratitude should not be buried or hidden, it should be brought to light and expressed with joy. We may express it through words, a smile, tears of happiness, or through reaching out and touching someone. Not expressing gratefulness has within it the trait of selfishness, because the love is held inside rather than expanding and radiating to others.

When we are grateful, without expectations, we open and expand ourselves for more good to come into our lives. It changes our attitude. Instead of seeing what we do not have, we begin to appreciate all that we do have. Scientists have shown that people who regularly experience feelings of gratitude tend to be healthier, happier, and less depressed. Gratitude truly does open the door to abundance.
"Never fear that you cannot do a certain thing, that you cannot bring out certain qualities from within you, that you cannot overcome obstacles on your path. Remember that all things are possible to a Power which governs the whole Universe and that you are the very embodiment of that Power. Latent within you are all those forces and qualities of yours. Your problem is to bring them out."

Fundamental Principles of Science of Being, page 15

We are grateful to the Channel and Lightbearer of Science of Being, Eugene Fersen, and to all Lightbearers and teachers that strive to enlighten humanity.