This year is a great year to learn to spend some quiet, introspective time and get in touch with your Heart and Love. Your spiritual Heart is lead by Love, a feminine quality, and is very Wise, always aligning in harmony with Universal Law.

Seven is a calming, quiet, mystic power that represents being guided by higher Law. This again points to being still and letting The Great Law work through you.

This year is your opportunity to get in touch with your Real Self, so long walks in nature, being in the moment and meditation will be of great benefit.

The lessons of #7 points to developing your mind, and connecting to your heart, blending Mind and Love. We undo the the ego by being conscious in the Power of Truth and Love. Truth is key! 

The good news for this Gregorian calendar year, according to scared numerology, is that it should be calmer for us all and full of very spiritual potential for higher frequencies of refinements in heart and mind.

The frequency of 7 is like the seventh day of God’s creation, a day of rest. It’s time for reflection and willingness to be receptive to inspiration and higher levels of consciousness, including Christ Consciousness.
The message is to focus mentally, turning from the physical, to purify our desires by developing our spiritual will. Utilizing the FourSquare can be very practical in this development, using it as a standard for our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.

Let us sustain a higher sense of responsibility this year to help humanity since there are many dreadful forecasts and predictions for 2023 that are very suggestive for impact if we dwell in negative thoughts and emotions.

What we hold in mind tends to manifest, so as Light Seekers and Lightbearers it is our opportunity to reach for the highest ideals in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and let the Law of Cause and Effect unfold events according to Universal Law.